Program outline

  • Start Date : 6 December, 2019
  • Start Time : 9:00am
  • End Date : 7 December, 2019
  • End Time : 7:00pm
  • Address : Hotel Dhaka Regency
# Topic Speaker Time Hall
1 Welcome note & Inaugration Mizanur Rahman9:30am - 9:45am Main hall
2 Keynote Kiro Harada9:46am - 10:45am Main Hall
3 Servant Leadership: An Art Of Creating Legacy Rahul Sharma11:11am - 11:50am Main Hall
4 Scrum Master from ORDINARY TO EXTRA-ORDINARY Shipra Aggarwal11:11am - 11:50am New Hall
5 But that's not Scrum! Arundhati Dutta12:00pm - 12:40pm Main Hall
6 Scrum in your personal life Safique Ahmed Faruque12:00pm - 12:40pm New Hall
7 Agile for All - Transformation from a Telco's lens Abhigya Pokharel2:11pm - 2:50pm Main Hall
8 Chernobyl through Scrum Lens - An Analysis of Possibilities Vivek Ganesan, Padma Satyamurthy2:11pm - 2:50pm New Hall
9 Return to basics, adopting Agile in a fintech Mozammel Haque3:00pm - 3:40pm Main Hall
10 Building High performing team in Agile S. M. Shafiqul Islam3:00pm - 3:40pm New Hall
11 Improv unscripted - Happy hours starts NOW! Rohit Arora4:00pm - 5:30pm Main Hall
12 Personal Agility - A Transformation Framework for Being Agile Shweta Jaiswal4:01pm - 4:40pm New Hall
13 From Employee to Freelancer -- Agile journey for an agile coach Bob Jiang4:51pm - 5:30pm New Hall
14 Speaker Dinner 7:00pm - 10:00pm Roof Top
15 Coaches Clinic 11:00am - 4:00pm Lobby area
# Topic Speaker Time Hall
1 Welcome & Days Agenda Syedur Rahman9:30am - 9:45am Main Hall
2 Keynote Mizanur Rahman9:46am - 10:30am Main Hall
3 How can you STOP FAKE AGILITY and START BUSINESS AGILITY? AMOL PRADHAN10:51am - 11:30am Main Hall
4 Agile Testing: Dont deliver crap in the name of the Holy Agile Pawan Krishna Shrestha10:51am - 11:30am New Hall
5 Scrum from the trenches: Common challenges faced by real-world SCRUM Teams and strategies for their resolutions Adil Faisal11:41am - 12:20pm Main Hall
6 Agile Mindset : Nail it then Scale it ( as culture changes over time not overnight) Madeeha Khan11:41am - 12:20pm New Hall
7 The Power of Emotional Intelligence - A Key Success Factor for Agile Teams Nagini Chandramouli, Umme Kulsum12:31pm - 1:10pm Main Hall
8 Unlearning – your learning is never complete without it Nivarti Jayaram12:31pm - 1:10pm New Hall
9 The Agile Senses Needed for Change Areeb Quasem2:31pm - 3:10pm New Hall
10 Managing risk on Agile projects Vivek Rana2:31pm - 3:10pm Main Hall
11 Karaoke with Agile Engineering Principles Priya Patra3:21pm - 4:00pm Main Hall
12 TBA 3:21pm - 4:00pm New Hall
13 Lightning Talk Zahid Hasan, Amit Bajracharya4:30pm - 5:00pm Main Hall
14 Panel Discussion 5:00pm - 5:30pm Main Hall
15 Closing 5:31pm - 6:00pm Main Hall
16 Coaches Clinic 11:00am - 5:00pm Lobby Area