what to consider for my talk submission?

what to consider for my talk submission?

Submitting talks to conferences is always a challenging task. Sometime we just do not know what makes a good submission or what makes it a not worthy submission for selection. As most of the time reviewers tries to take the decision based on your abstract, it is hard for them to understand what is in your mind unless you explain it properly during your abstract submission. since we are using papercall.io, few terms will be used strictly for this service.

In Dhaka Regional Gathering 2019, we are expecting lots of papers from around the world. As a reviewer we will focusing on few of the key details.

  1. strength of your abstract: to summarize your abstract in one line or in one sentence is always hard. we would love to have a catchy abstract line to attract the attention of the participants. So the title is very much important for the topic submission. Your Title for the talk should be clear enough to give audience the idea about the session. Also your elevator pitch is very important to sell the topic to your reviewers. this is a section which can make or break your submission. so make sure you utilize it properly.
  2. your plan for the session: you should then provide the details of your submission in the description section. provide details of your talk and background information of choosing this topic. you should try to put some session plans as well like division of your time and what you want to do during the whole session. the more details you put, the better it is for the reviewer.
  3. your speaking experience: in the notes section please provide if you have any special requirement for the session. for example you might require a round table setup for the session, need sticky notes etc. also in this section share your previous speaking history or why do you think you are the best for this topic to discuss.

Since we are only allowing two topics per submitter, we want to make sure that you are submitting your best topic for the upcoming dhaka regional gathering. please choose your talk type wisely and make sure you provide details as much as possible and applicable for the session duration.

All the best with your session. Looking forward to your submissions.

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